Chalk paint or chalk paint

Chalk paint o Pintura a la tiza

Sometimes we see this vintage style furniture that we see in stores and restaurants, and a question arises: How can we do it?

For that we have the Chalk Paint or chalk paint, it is a type of paint that has a matte finish which is used for decorating furniture, it can also be used to apply it to fabric (combining it with certain materials ). The difference between this paint and a matte acrylic paint is its composition, since chalk paint has a high content of chalk in its composition.

One of the main techniques of this painting is the versatility of the surfaces on which it can be applied, from wood, fabric, metal, etc. It also has the advantage that it does not require the application of a primer or a base on the furniture to paint it, and it is fast drying.

To apply it on textiles we must use a textile medium , which consists of a liquid that allows water-based paints to be applied on textiles.

We hope this overview has opened the doors to this widely used customization technique for you.

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