Alternatives to sublimate, polyamide

Alternativas para sublimar, poliamida

A few weeks ago we discussed the issue of alternatives when working with cotton, now we have polyamide, this product is a powder that works as an adhesive so that the ink adheres to the fabric.

How does this product work?

  • You print your sublimation image
  • With the ink still wet , dust over the image , spreading it as evenly as possible.
  • Proceed to sublimate the design, 180 ° C for 60 seconds ,
  • Wait for the design to cool down , and then you can remove the paper.

What is the advantage of this material?

Because it is a powder , a plastic container must be prepared with the image and the powder poured in, then the excess must be removed, the excess powder can be saved.

It is advisable?

This process requires some tests , because the powder acts as a glue adhering to the fabric, allowing it to receive sublimation , and if the process is not done effectively, it can affect the uniformity of the result.

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