Now, how do I get the most out of my equipment?

You know everything you can sublimate with your machines, you have everything from mousepads, key rings, puzzles, notebooks, computer covers, cell phone covers, cushions, etc.
Ahora, ¿Cómo saco el mayor provecho de mis equipos?

In this post we will talk about how to get the most out of your articles, with these we mean that you know that with your cameo you can create written details, or that you can use foil or make engravings on certain surfaces. As our areas at the moment refer to customization, we will focus on those aspects. Now, where do we start?

Let's talk about your sublimation machine, what model do you have? You have the expandable or the individual. Observe the following image:

This is the flat iron of the 5 in 1 model. What features can we highlight? The controller is not attached directly to the body of the equipment, but can be removed. At the top of the upper flat area we can see some screws, which it implies that if we unscrew them we can remove it and at the base we can see some rails that allow us to move the base of the machine.

Here we have the flat iron model, as you can see, it is all one body, the controller is embedded, the lever is completely adhered to the rest of the body, that is, it is not so easy to add accessories.

This case is an example of flat sublimation machines, but we can see the same effect in the individual ones for caps, cups and plates, in these teams we recommend that you choose according to your needs.

But as always happens, people limit ourselves to what we know, if it is for flat, we understand that it is only for t-shirts, but this is not the case, with this equipment we can sublimate from mousepads, key rings, puzzles, notebooks, linings of computers, cell phone covers, etc. Likewise, there are different types of paper that allow sublimation on unusual surfaces, such as wood, glass, cushions, among others.

Each of these materials have techniques and tricks to get to know them, just like you, we are knowing all the details, we recommend that if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us for a training course or if you find one in your community. We still ask you to keep up to date with our posts on weekends in which we always experience a new material, this week we show the foil in cups.

Here we will leave you a list of some blogs and YouTube channels that can present you with many options:

Brildor, youtube channel of the virtual store with the same name located in Spain:

Forever Transfer, YouTube channel of the paper factory with the same name, located in the United States:

David Inzunza, a youtube channel oriented to the sale of printers and ink handling, belongs to the Tintec virtual store, located in Mexico

After this contribution, we hope that you are better able to start using your equipment and get the most out of it. Remember that the time to act is "NOW".

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