Stay up to date, never stop learning.

Actualizate, nunca dejes de aprender

Sometimes, after reaching a certain point in life, we understand that it is not necessary to "continue"; that we have already reached where we were going to arrive, but it is important that we update ourselves. Because if we want to have new ideas we need to have "new things" in mind.

What do we recommend to keep you growing?

Reading, some books:

  • The myth of the entrepreneur, Michael Gerber.
  • Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill.
  • The magic of thinking big. David J. Schwartz

Participate in workshops:

  • Creative workshops
  • Growth workshops, some of which we do for free at Acropolis.

Participate in clubs:

  • reading club
  • activity club

These are some ideas that we show you so that you keep learning, whenever we are participating in an activity we will notify it on our networks.

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