Sublimation machine 15"x15", Tire

RD$ 53,650.00

Sublimation machine 15"x15", Tire

RD$ 53,650.00
Product description

Sublimation machine 15"x15", Tire
Plate type: Flatbed printer.
Brand Name: EHEAT
Usage: Paper Printer, Label Printer, Bill Printer, Fabric Printer
Plate Type: Pneumatic
Voltage: 110V
Power: 1400W
Dimensions (length x width x height): 76x50x57cm
Printing area: 40x60cm
Package size: 76x50x57cm
Temperature range: 245℃ (473F)
Time range: 0-999 sec
Recommended compressor: 6 gallons

Payment options:
20% to start the order, the rest of the equipment cost divided into 20-30%, monthly.

*Does not include compressor

  • *Product brought by Pre-Order
  • Indicated price does not include installation or transportation
  • *At time of order, all lead time details are confirmed.
  • *Times range from 2-6 months to receive the equipment.
  • *After notification of the team's arrival, you have a period of 15-20 days to complete the payment. If not, you must wait for the order to be placed again

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