Box of Sublimation Sheets 11"x17"

RD$ 5,004.00

Box of Sublimation Sheets 11"x17"

RD$ 5,004.00
Product description

Sublimation sheet kit 11"x17"
Minimum purchase 1500 units

Full Price: $125,000

Specification: 100gsm A3
Compatible inkjet printers: Epson, Brother, HP, etc.
Compatible ink: sublimation ink only
Transfer temperature: 190 - 210 C
Transfer time: 10 - 40 seconds.

Application: The cotton content is less than 35% of the materials, most of which are used for polyester fabrics; Suitable for phone case, lithography, ceramics, etc.


  • textiles
  • Cups
  • porcelains
  • acrylic plates
  • ETC


  • Printer settings. We recommend selecting the "Photo Quality Inkjet Paper" mode for best printing results.
  • Print the desired image on the transferred paper. Then let it dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Cut out the image, leaving a narrow 5mm margin around the pattern.


  • Preheat the heat press and set the recommended transfer temperature to 185 degrees Celsius.
  • Place the paper with the printed image on the textile with the image facing down.
  • Press down for 60 seconds under certain pressure, then remove the fabric from the machine
  • Remove paper backing immediately or when hot or cold for best results.

Great for most sublimation products: phone cases, mugs, shirts, puzzles, key chains, watches, mouse pads and much more.
This transfer paper has a special coating, which allows it to be used with sublimation inks. When used correctly, you can achieve excellent quality transfers on a large number of materials. Prints will be more colorful and bright.

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